21 Jul With over 20 years of UG/NX experience in the automotive mold and tooling industries, we are an independent consulting firm and Siemens. 19 Sep Answered with a tutorial: mold-design-sectionmold-parting-tools-define-regions 2 Sep Mold Design in NX Without Mold Wizard and fully parametric. Answered with a tutorial:

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Most of these procedures are done without the user having to change Work or Displayed part — Mold Wizard does that automatically. Well-accomplished in drafting, design, and engineering in many industries sinceGarrett has been developing patentable designs and has taken on large-scale engineering projects. An alternate Ug nx mold wizard tutorial Workpiece option is the Definition Type of Reference Point which uses the ABS 0,0,0 position as a base point and allows the user to input positive and negative offset values manually.

If this happens, you can either use the Point Dialog option to reenter the base point values for ABS 0.

Tutorial: Unigraphics NX mold design : Section 3 Initialization of Part | GrabCAD Questions

I probably needed to resize the A and B plates along with a few other tweaks. Ug nx mold wizard tutorial Wizard has done it all! This 3-part article discusses a few of the commands within NX10 Mold Wizard functionality that are very impressive and indicate the level of sophistication of the cross-applicational software product.

And if you choose the Mold Base Library icon again, it allows you to edit those things.

Now, get back to work This concludes Part 3 and Mold Wizardry blog series. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. As you can see, there are only 3: In the Visualization Preferences dialog box, on the Visual page, select the Translucency checkbox.

This step in the Mold Wizard CAD process can be implemented with several different approaches of how mx might want ug nx mold wizard tutorial define the portion of the mold that actually shapes the molded product part.

You just gotta know this. Part 3 discusses the steps that create the cavity and core inserts, which will contain tutorlal molded product ttuorial cavities, and how to slice it into the two halves. And, if you look at the orientation of the part, the cavity and core side positions, and the fact that the ejector box is actually on the core side, things would probably work out much if that was reversed.


Learn how your comment data is processed. If you remember from part 2 of this article, this command creates the entire mold assembly structure including subassemblies and many bottom level components that can accommodate optional parts wizarc data that you ug nx mold wizard tutorial choose to include in this Mold Wizard process.

One thing should be emphasized and strictly adhered to when working in Mold Wizard: Mold Wizard uses that to — for example — calculate default mold base sizes, split into the individual regions using the parting geometry, modift with the various mold tools, slides, lighters, gates and runners, cooling channels, pockets, etc.

Garrett is also considered an expert in NX installation, configuration, and technical support. Once it gets finished, you have quite a masterpiece! An acceptable amount might be. Mold and tool makers, machinists, programmers, or any user involved in designing tooling that fabricates parts and products using the multitude of molding processes can benefit from selected portions of this functionality or the entire integration of tasks assuming the product part ug nx mold wizard tutorial modeled:.

And, not being a mold designer, there are certainly more considerations for how a mold should be designed. By activating the Sketch, using the Sketch Section icon in the dialog, we can see the actual expressions that result in those values and the Geometric Constraint symbols. Upon choosing OK, the graphics area flashes a bit and then a preliminary result is displayed, waiting for your approval.

And you have to be ug nx mold wizard tutorial here because it is referencing hundreds of definitions, expressions, attributes, configuration settings, etc.

Define Region — cavity. Define Region — core. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Tutorial: Unigraphics NX mold design : Section 3 Initialization of Part

But, if we look at the bigger picture, the entire side of the part down to the bottom will be formed by the cavity side.

You can edit any of the expressions and attributes listed in the Details group, make it smart, base it on a spreadsheet, etc. Regardless of the options and values chosen, select OK to the Workpiece dialog and a result similar to this will appear:. The 3 involving the cavity or core offer ug nx mold wizard tutorial to ug nx mold wizard tutorial an existing solid or solids as the Workpiece s or you can select from the Workpiece Library.

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This is of particular importance when it comes to the parting surface or plane of the part. If desired, you can reverse the normal just to check some things out. Look at the hold in the middle and the coloration of the faces that the Check Regions function did for us. The ug nx mold wizard tutorial task would be to initiate the Ug nx mold wizard tutorial Wizard project, an essential and critical step. When you select the Workpiece Library icon, the Reuse Library tab is opened in the Resource Bar and another dialog appears to aid in defining the Workpiece s.

However, the project initiation process does use template parts that contain some geometry. There are actually 4 options for the Workpiece Method: If yours is not, you may need to turn on this option in your Visualization preferences. And what you should do after completing that step in the process? Garrett excels at the knowledge transfer of NX mechanical CAD and Teamcenter and is considered an expert in NX installation, configuration, and technical support.

The next step you might complete is to design the parting surfaces.

The Sketch has predefined Ug nx mold wizard tutorial Constraints being driven by these built-in Expressions as well as some Geometric Constraints controlling the shape. The Workpiece is translucent.

There are a lot of options here and — depending on the complexity of the shape on the product part being so simple, this is a piece of cake.

Normally, you would have already validated the part design for moldability — meaning, check for drafted surfaces, identify what surfaces are to be formed by what parts of the mold, and mold flow analysis 1.