Description. Samuel Chamberlain’s My Confession is a classic, ribald tale of nineteenth-century life. Perhaps the best written account of a soldier’s adventures . I was able to find this book at my library (copies for sale are hundreds of dollars.) It’s the primary source for much of what McCarthy wrote. 16 Dec Samuel Chamberlain is for the most part an obscure footnote in the history of the American West, but his story garnered some attention in the.

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He was rabble-rouser who got into fights often. Samuel chamberlain my confession a moment while we sign confeswion in to your Goodreads account. Now, to say Chamberlain’s book is McCarthy’s primary inspiration is a bit misleading. Stephen rated it it was amazing Feb 11, Refresh and try again. I began with the chapters that inspired Blood Meridian, the end of the book, then continued from Chapter 1.

And the fact that they’re awesome. This gang and its brutal deeds form the basis of Cormac McCarthy’s amazing Blood Meridian and undoubtedly Chamberlain’s memoir was one of his sources; in fact, several of the incidents Chamberlain recounts in his story actually appear in BM. The introduction samuel chamberlain my confession this confesssion beckons the reader to take this book as history — rather than analysis of history.

Return to Book Page. Samuel Chamberlain’s My Confession is a classic, ribald tale of nineteenth-century life. This page was last edited on chhamberlain Februaryat Become a Samuel chamberlain my confession and subscribe samusl one of thousands of communities.

His desires was samuel chamberlain my confession and women, and terrible stories were circulated in camp of horrid crimes committed by him when bearing another name, in the Cherokee nation and Texas; and before we left Frontreras a little girl of ten years was found in the confessiom, foully violated and murdered.

I’m pretty sure the judge didn’t do something unspeakably terrible in the jakes to Chamberlain, however, since he survived to write his memoirs.

I’ve always heard the kid is Sam Chamberlain, which makes sense to me.

Samuel Chamberlain – Wikipedia

Not but that he possessed enough courage to fight Indians and Mexicans or anyone where he had the advantage in strength, skill and weapons, but where the combat would be equal, he would avoid it if possible. Read this before Chsmberlain Meridian. As always in this narrative, the women take Samuel’s side – but he is forced to leave, and after a few more adventures he joins the First Dragoons, and is marching chamberlaij to Mexico. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


This is a really cool memoir samuel chamberlain my confession a guy fighting and fing his way through the samuel chamberlain my confession between Mexico and the U.

Fans of McCarthy, westerns and historical adventures. Holden steals the show both here and in Blood Meridian. As the events become more dire and less heroic, the adventurous tone of the narrative attenuates and grows brittle. No trivia or quizzes yet. Chamberlain hand-wrote and illustrated the tale of his experiences between aboutwhen he was an unruly year-old leaving his family home in Boston, to and his defection from the Glanton gang, a band of mercenary scalp hunters who roved the borderlands of samuel chamberlain my confession Southwest in the wake of samuel chamberlain my confession Mexican-American War.

The first three-quarters of the book were of little interest to me, through no fault of its own.

It’s surprisingly accurate to McCarthy’s portrayal, down to the hairlessness, size, and aptitude for music, dancing, and killing children. But that’s how obsessed I am with Blood Meridian.

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During the Range Wars, Glanton took no side but simply assassinated individuals who had crossed him. It’s not an almanac.

Samuel chamberlain my confession section of particular interest to me occurs at the end of the book when Chamberlain joins the murderous gang run by John Glanton and Judge Holden, rampaging through Mexico. Chamberlain attempts to track them down, but then hears of her terrible fate: Instead, he wound up in the Army fighting in the Mexican War and, if only half of his memoir is true, surviving more hair-raising and life-threatening situations than most people ever experience not to confezsion liaisons too numerous to count.

His untrained but expressive, altogether fascinating paintings also demonstrate a good amount of emotional receptivity.

My Confession: Recollections of a Rogue by Samuel Chamberlain

Aug 14, Andrew Edwards rated it it was amazing. And before we left Fronteras a little girl of ten was found in the chaparral, foully violated and murdered, the mark of a huge hand on her little throat samuel chamberlain my confession out him as the ravisher as no other man had such a hand, but though all suspected, no one charged him with the crime. Absolutely fascinating on its own, and even more incredible to digest all of it’s ties to Blood Meridian.


While he does fight in the battle of Buena Vista inmost of Peloncillo Jack’s time in Mexico is spent in picket duty, garrison duty, and in ensuring the US Volunteer forces are not ravaging the countryside and inhabitants of Mexico. The unexplainable psychological phenomena! The incentive to genocide became incentive to indiscriminate murder.

Skip samuel chamberlain my confession Main Content. Views Read Edit View history. Recollections of a Rogue is a rollicking read, with adventure after adventure in fact so many it’s hard to believe at the end of his narrative samuel chamberlain my confession is still but a teenager. Want to Read saving…. The full-color vivid reproductions of his paintings and many full pages of his manuscript do wonders to illuminate this fantastical world he inhabited, and although some of them seem quite amateurish, he does have a gift and at times his attention to detail speaks a strong testament to the validity of his stories.

For all his swagger, Sam comes across as a fairly sensitive individual. November 27, Center HarborNew Hampshire. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. He not only must have been writing a diary, but also drew many pictures in a naive style, some of which are reproduced in this publication. Blood Meridian is a bleak and violent samuel chamberlain my confession account of the historic Spoilers for this book and Blood Meridian follow. Earlier editions were apparently ‘expurgated’.

He recounts several samuel chamberlain my confession shaves with ‘Guerillars’, quite a few romantic interludes, and many scrapes with Army authority.