Read El espejismo de Dios by Richard Dawkins with Rakuten Kobo. Desde su posición de declarado ateísmo, Dawkins disecciona en este libro la. Title, El espejismo de Dios. Author, Richard Dawkins. Translated by, Natalia Pérez Galdós. Edition, 8. Publisher, Espasa Libros, S.L., ISBN, 15 Jul The NOOK Book (eBook) of the El espejismo de Dios (The God Delusion) by Richard Dawkins at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or.

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Few seem to recognize the thought and study that goes into disbelief, since belief can be achieved quite easily by telling children that if they don’t follow the sky man’s book, they will be set on fire forever.

This is just a smattering of his ignorance. While I can say that the book is far more moderate than I expected, it certainly doesn’t pull any punches. However, this requires atheism, having abandoned and rejected religion, to tolerate religion, even though it regards it as wrong.

‘Si creencias valen de algo, deberían de resistir el examen crítico’

He finds all theists, deists and pantheists equally ridiculous. Deny that if you can! The reason the Eichard is perfect for us is that we have evolved here, to our environmental niche.

There is less of a tradition of mutual tolerance perhaps because Islam has always been under threat?

Some of us just go one god further. He quotes an experiment where some patients were prayed for and some not and of the former, some were told. An Appetite For Wonder: My nephew would so rail and flail at me! My interpretation of all this is that it adds up to arguing for a massive reform in the way mainstream religion is organized; that’s richard dawkins el espejismo de dios I’m comparing him with other religious reformers like Martin Luther and Jesus.


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The bulk of his attack centers on disproving the arguments that religious apologists have offered to justify God’s existence. Dawkins condemns this as intellectual and moral cowardice. Whether to Cower in Disbelief So how can a society exist harmoniously, if everybody se that everybody else’s beliefs are ridiculous?

The only genuinely richard dawkins el espejismo de dios sections in the book for me were the intriguing discussion on morals and that wonderful last chapter on model building.

View all espeiismo comments. Instead, Dawkins adopts an aggressive adversary stance, like he seriously believes religionists are all fucking crazy and, left to their own devices, threaten the lives of everybody else.

How much time do we have before the richard dawkins el espejismo de dios or a General Boynton, lusting for Armageddon, blow us all to smithereens? Our legal documents outline a system that holds personal beliefs and opinions to be of concern only to the person holding them, yet particular kinds of belief still carry political clout and others, social stigma.

We don’t, however, generally take our dreams very seriously as witness my treating them in the possessive.

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View all 59 comments. In the end, his responses should not be tailored to the ignoramus who asked a question he already answered. There’s no point in differentiating between particular beliefs. Sign up to newsletters. They saw – with richard dawkins el espejismo de dios own eyes – the Hugo Boss particle the other day. Religion has to get its act together and acknowledge that, on this particular ground, it has been supplanted by science. Return to Book Page.


I’d love to think that I’d started it, but of course Dawkins gets all the credit. Then he says that such agnostics should refrain from calling themselves agnostics as it will cause damage to the common people who want to support atheism. He quotes lots of funny people, like Woody Allen and Douglas Adams who once was his bff, quite apparently.

I spend …more I’m raising my two children even-handedly. For example, at one point he talks about the idea of the ‘sacred’, dwwkins there are some things in religion which are not allowed to be discussed, and asks why this should be the case. If you want to figure out if evolution is real, read some biology books and take a walk outside. Dawkins preaches to the converted, when I richard dawkins el espejismo de dios to witness him convert the preachers.