Recent advances in chronotherapeutics led to the development of pulsatile drug delivery systems which effectively delivered the drug at specified time. Diseases . Development and evaluation of a chronotherapeutic drug delivery system of torsemide. Songa Ambedkar Sunil, I; Nali Sreenivasa RaoI; Meka Venkata SrikanthI;. chronotherapeutic drug delivery system is. Manyfunctions of the human body vary considerably in a day. These variations cause changes both in disease state .

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The tablet was then introduced into the dissolution jar and the basket was rotated at rpm. This ultimately reduces toxicity and improves patient compliance. The amounts released were expressed as a percentage of the drug content in each dissolution medium.

The time at which the outer coating layer starts to rupture is called as lag time. Active cyronotherapeutic core surface that is available for drug relase when exposed to the fluid is controlled by barrier layers. Verghese Publishing House, Chronotherapeutical oral drug absorption system consisting of drug loaded beads that are coated with release-controlling polymer.

Hypertension, unit dosage form for delivering drugs into the body in a series of chronotherapeutic drug delivery system, pulsatile fashion.

The floating characteristics of the GFDDS are essential, since they influence the in vivo chronotherapeutic drug delivery system of the drug delivery system.

Chronotherapeutic Drug Delivery Systems | OMICS International

In vitro in vivo correlation studies reported that time controlled explosion systems with a lag time of 3 hrs appearance of drug in blood and maximum release noted after 5 hrs [ 23 ]. Physicochemical parameters chronotherapeutic drug delivery system the core tablets. Sunil is thankful to G.


Sustained and controlled delivery keep the in vivo drug concentration in the therapeutic level for a prolonged period of time and this is essential but not sufficient for treatment of circadian rhythm diseases.

In the present investigation, torsemide was selected as the drug since the symptoms of hypertension are more prevalent chronotherapeutic drug delivery system the early hours of the morning and because there is no chronotherapeutic formulation chronotherapeutic drug delivery system available on the market where the immediate release sysgem form cannot fulfill the needs of drug delivery at the chronotjerapeutic time.

It consists of a gelatine capsule in a cellulose acetate semi permeable membrane and inside insoluble plug and osmotically active ingredient along with the drug. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Chronotherapeutic drug delivery systems: an approach to circadian rhythms diseases.

Stimuli sensitive delivery systems release the drug in presence of biological factors like enzymes, pH or any other chemical stimuli example; Development of a gel composed of poly-N-isopolycrylamide with phenylboronic acid moieties that showed a remarkable change in chronotherapeutic drug delivery system swelling induced by chronotherapeutic drug delivery system [ 27 ].

The friability test was carried out to evaluate the hardness and stability instantly in Roche Friabilator. Anti-inflammatory, a press coated pulsatile drug delivery system with an immediate release and an extended release compartment with TPR [ 44 ]. These, as well as pertinent issues, are addressed in this review. The theory and practice of industrial pharmacy.

Chronotherapeutic Drug Delivery Systems

ChrDDs in the chronotherapeutic drug delivery system were also discussed chronotherapeutic drug delivery system the current technologies used to formulate were also stated. It was observed that the lag delivry increased as the concentration of the PEO in the outer coat increased. Physicochemical evaluation ddlivery tablets.


The dissolution profile of this batch is depicted in Figure 2. We can position drug at a specific place or slow down its access to unwanted sites thus changing the time or extent of drug absorption in to stomach or intestine [ 33 – 35 ].

Development and evaluation of a chronotherapeutic drug delivery system of torsemide

Electro responsive pulsatile release: Compression-coated tablets CCT are dosage forms that consist of an inner core immediate release tablet embedded in an outer layer compartment, which contains either a hydrophilic, hydrophobic or a mixture of both polymers. Time-release compression-coated chronotherapeutic drug delivery system tablet containing nifedipine for chronopharmacotherapy, Int. There are three types of mechanical rhythms in our body [ 1213 ].

T excessive first pass metabolism, drug degrade in gastric chronotherapeutic drug delivery system medium in stomach, which results in bioavailability. This review epitomizes the special focus on chronotherapeutics, various approaches in chronotherapeutic drug delivery and applications. Core tablets were evaluated for physicochemical parameters including hardness, friability, disintegration and drug content.

Human circadian biological clock.

Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. This test is performed to maintain the uniformity of weight of each tablet which should be in the prescribed range.