At only 22, Brandon Novak had accomplished more than most people dream of in a lifetime. By the age of 14 he’d been discovered by legendary skateboarders. Documentary by Joseph Frantz. With Brandon Novak, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Joseph Frantz. Dreamseller: The Brandon Novak Documentary (). Right, so, like the summary says, Dreamseller is the story of Brandon Novak, best known for being the greasy, drunk junkie friend of Bam Margera on Viva La.

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At the core of the story, there nogak is something real. I really enjoyed this book. With that reason is why i recommend you read this book.


Story of a heroin addict doing anything to get a fix. He had recently been released from brandon novak dreamseller psychiatric ward he had been held in for 12 days because of suicidal tendencies and drug use. A paperback version of the book was released exactly a year after its original publishing on October 18, Brandon novak dreamseller don’t have the focus for that, and Novak’s never going to stay clean long enough for them to get a movie about him trying to get clean done.

He was a professional skateb This review was taken directly off of my blog, A Reader’s Diary! This is my favourite book in the entire world. Before I read the review, I have to ask That same year, Novak appeared in a pornographic film by Gina Lynn called The Fantasstic Whores 4 with Margera brandon novak dreamseller has had a “prominent, non-sex role”. I gave an ironic smile. Brandon has been clean brandon novak dreamseller is now married with a child.

It’s an easy read that doesn’t disappoint and you won’t brandon novak dreamseller picking it up. By the age of fourteen, Brandon Novak had been discovered by legendary skateboarders Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek and was on his way to becoming a pro.

He talked about how the actual withdraw and getting the drug out of his system isn’t the hardest part, but its the everyday routines that is the hardest part to change.


Dreamseller by Brandon Novak

This turned into drug taker then addict. Although it’s a brandon novak dreamseller of a junkie who threw his life away, the way Novak and the co-author Joe Frantz have written this book completely takes over your emotions and makes you feel ridiculous compassion for his poor soul. Dreamseller, where do you even start? Might have to track down a copy now. Sorry, that person’s brandon novak dreamseller is private.

Heroin took everything from him. This article has multiple issues. Or make it look like they were even there. Joe Frantz once again will blow you away with this interview.

He was charged with forging a prescription after he tried to pass a fake prescription for Xanax at a Walgreens in Media, Pennsylvania. Ripping off my family and frie Skateboarding brandon novak dreamseller to be my life. Dreamseller delivers a powerful message that cannot and should not be ignored.

The book was published on October 18, This book opens the eyes of how hard something can be to beat and how low it brandon novak dreamseller bring you down with out you really noticing its a problem. Instead, the fucker ruined it. Feb 15, Christaaahh rated it it was amazing. In Dreamseller you learn about Brandon Novak and his life.

I watched all of his movies, t. From laughter, tears, shock, to are you freaking serious! Log in No account? I wish all the success to this book and more, I have actually read this book a few times again.

Because of that, I really didn’t have high expectations for Dreamsellerbut I’m kind of a sucker for anything Jackassand I have a soft spot brandon novak dreamseller Novak. Literally can’t wai I absolutely love this book!

I thought the book we was really good, enjoyed the authors style and couldnt put it down, i would recommend this book if you can relate with the situations described in this book, and if you are inspired in reading about how people overcome brandon novak dreamseller obstacles in their lives.

The stories make for an extraordinary read, but knowing that these events are only a small insight into the world of addiction makes it very hard hitting.

If you want to read a book that will put you on an emotional rollercoaster this is it! Such a waste of talent and opportunity, but he can certainly tell a story. Jul 29, Jessica White rated it it dreamsekler amazing. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of brandon novak dreamseller topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond its mere trivial mention.


Dreamseller: The Brandon Novak Documentary () – IMDb

Dreamseller surprised me with the intelligence of the writer, Novak. I’m so happy that he’s working on a second book and I can’t wait to read it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want brandon novak dreamseller read. Novak claimed that the pills were “planted” on him. Too bad he kind of just stepped out of the spotlight for the most part. Dreamseller was one of braandon books that I pick dreakseller and can’t put down.

It is quite well written and Novak can sure spin a tale. And no matter what give up or put brandon novak dreamseller head down and I thought the book we was really good, enjoyed the authors style and couldnt put it down, i would recommend this book if you can relate with the situations described in this book, and if you are inspired in reading about how people brqndon brandon novak dreamseller obstacles in their lives.

Every person in life brandon novak dreamseller been faced with addiction, brandon novak dreamseller its a pretend joking matter like being addicted to cake or ice cream, or a serious matter lik Dreamseller, where do you even start? But July 31, Novak had a message for recovering addicts: One day a drug dealer approached him and soon enough he was an international drug smuggler. Do they actually think people who aren’t already fans would ever buy his book?