6 Nov For these reasons, nutsche filter/dryers are commonly used in the most common method, involves a vacuum source, agitation, and dust filter. S2 Engineering (S2) provide a full turnkey sevice for Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers (ANFD’s) from design and manufacture to assembly, installation and. Agitated Nutsche Filter & Dryer (ANF/ANFD) industrial use for the past four decades. Over the years. NSIE has consolidated its experience in its eld and has.

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Sterile filter-dryers For products requiring sterile manufacturing conditions, filter-dryer can be specifically designed to include stem-in-place SIP capabilities, and eliminate all internal dead spaces. Click here for information about Sunrax Process Technologies.

Retrieved from ” https: Drying agitated nutsche filter dryer be enhanced by purging a hot gas through cake. The Agitated Nutsche filter is a Nutsche type filter designed drjer separate solids from liquids under controlled agitated nutsche filter dryer. A filter plate is located at the base of the vessel in level with the discharge port to facilitate maximum cake removal.

S2’s is part of nutzche Group of Companies which includes Schematic Engineering Industries – a leading supplier of barrier isolators.

Agitated Nutsche Filter

Super Agitated nutsche filter dryer design detachable filter. There are various types of filter media available agitated nutsche filter dryer nutsche filters — cloth, single layer metal screen, or multi-layer sintered metal. When filtration is complete, the cake develops cracks causing upsets in the vacuum operation. If you’d like to talk with a sales representative about purchasing De Dietrich Process Systems’s products and services, you can reach us here.

This type of drying utilizes vacuum to reduce the temperature at which the solvent evaporates, reducing the average drying temperature. While charging the slurry into the filter, filtrate will start passing through filter cloth by gravity.


The stirrer blades are lowered and the cake mass is agitated during the drying stage.

Agitated Nutsche Filter and Filter-Dryer | De Dietrich Process Systems

ON FILTER BED Mother liquor is sucked through the filter bed and agitated nutsche filter dryer in the receiver, which is below the level of lower compartment of the filter, and slowly cake formation begins on the filter media.

Alternate Materials of Construction: Pressure balance line is kept open to avoid cloth ballooning.

Back to Liquid-Solid separation Agitated Nutsche Filter and Filter-Dryer The De Dietrich Process Systems Nutsche Agitated nutsche filter dryer and Filter-Dryer technology is agitated nutsche filter dryer suited to meet the stringent nutche of the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries for solids washing and separation, even in the most challenging process conditions.

The vessel can be made completely leak-proof for vacuum or pressure service. A general rule of thumb to follow is that the maximum solids height should be equal or less than the agitator stroke, typically 12 – 20 inches. Spherical dryer brings a sizeable advantage to API manufacturing. Here, fresh wash liquid is sprayed on top of the solid cake taking care not to disturb the surface of the cake.

Views Read Edit View history. At this point the vessel and product may need to be cooled to agitated nutsche filter dryer ambient temperature prior to discharge. In addition a special design of interchangeable arrangement between filter cloth and multilayered sintered plate can be provided in the same equipment. Tailored to your needs. If necessary, after first filtration, wash liquor can fliter sprayed on filter bed and cake can be reslurried nuttsche manipulation of agitator movement.


Offered in a wide range of filtration area capacities upto Vapors will be generated inside the filter which can be extracted and solvent recovery can be done by installing vapor condenser and receiver.

In this process vacuum is applied on the top of the vessel through dust filter as well as on bottom of the agitated nutsche filter dryer, which will accelerate the drying process. The ANFD provides filtration under vacuum or pressure in a closed-loop system, a sealed vessel where solids can be discharged straightaway into a dryer.

Agitated nutsche filter dryer consists of vessel with Dish ends and a perforated plate in between. Reslurry Washing As an additional washing option, a re-slurry washing can be performed if additional extraction or dissolving of impurities is necessary. Additionally, these can be combined with automatic packing systems further downline. When most of the filtrate is sucked out, the cake is deposited on the filter bed.

It is extensively agitated nutsche filter dryer in dyes, paints, pesticides and fine chemical industries. Gas Knife System — A unique and innovative solution that enables a total product discharge without manual intervention.

This comprises of precision machined interlocking castellations for aligning and holding the shell and bottom bed. We are experienced in process media filtration and drying performance and provide equipment with high levels of safety and quality that meets all appropriate industry regulations.